An Argument Against Immigration in First World Countries

They like to talk about lowering birth rates. “We’re in grave danger. The population is on the decline. Who will do all the jobs? Who will produce the resources and commodities we enjoy today if the population drops to a certain level?” They use this as they argue, “We need to bring in a bunch… Continue reading An Argument Against Immigration in First World Countries

The ‘Multi-Culti’ Myth

“Multiculturalism is so good!” they tell us and then they point to America as an example of how ‘multi-culturalism’ can work because of the vast ‘mixing pot of cultures’ that can be found in the United States of America. However, I don’t think the US is a successful ‘model’ of multiculturalism at all. I don’t… Continue reading The ‘Multi-Culti’ Myth

The Importance of Celebrating Christmas

For the last several years I feel like I’ve become something of a Grinch; but it’s not that I was trying to put a stop to other people’s Christmas. I was just actively choosing not to really participate outside of giving gifts to my immediate family and having dinner with the few members of my… Continue reading The Importance of Celebrating Christmas