Berkeley Professor: ‘Blackness Is Inherently Violent’

It just seems like the mainstream media and secular college campuses can’t get enough when it comes to displays of racism. The ticket is hot in the year 2016 + 1 and many perpetrators of racial supremacy just won’t shut up and let people get along, or not, however they wish. There are way too… Continue reading Berkeley Professor: ‘Blackness Is Inherently Violent’

What I Learned In Graduate School

I’m not going to lie, when a classmate of mine from the University of Tampa posted about how happy she was for the warm and inviting environment, I was kind of irritated. I admit I might be a little bitter–or cynical. I don’t harbor harsh feelings toward the University of Tampa specifically for this, but… Continue reading What I Learned In Graduate School

Racism Against Whites — It’s All a Joke, Right? LOL

Leftists and progressives alike have vehemently been saying America has a ‘race’ problem. They say it’s just as racist as it has ever been and it’s not getting any better. With all the hubbub in the news recently, I can’t say I disagree with them. There’s all the proof we need that American media is… Continue reading Racism Against Whites — It’s All a Joke, Right? LOL