No, No — You’re Just a Degenerate

As I drive to work during the week, I enjoy listening to the show Brooke and Jubal in the Morning. Their phone calls can be entertaining and hopeful just as often as they can be completely disgusting and make you despise humanity for its disgusting degradation of virtues and morals. Yesterday morning was one of… Continue reading No, No — You’re Just a Degenerate

When Is It OK To Kill Black People?

It’s 2017! Like, c’mon guys! You’d think racism would be a thing of the past by now, wouldn’t you? Well, unfortunately, here are some recent stories to highlight how much of a problem racism is in [the current year]: This may not have happened in 2017, but I have to mention it because it is… Continue reading When Is It OK To Kill Black People?

The Truth About Transgender Bathrooms

It’s not about ‘fear because conservatives…’ It’s about decency. You may have noticed ‘transgender bathrooms’ reappearing in the news and thought, ‘huh, I thought this was settled’ or ‘why are we talking about this non-issue’ or ‘has there ever been such a first-world problem as this?’ The reason why it’s popping up again in news… Continue reading The Truth About Transgender Bathrooms

“But–But, Muh First Amendment!” – Establishment Press Panics

If you turned into social media or watched the news in the last 24 hours, you may have been privy to new calls that Trump is literally a fascist. “This it how it begins!” they keep chanting. Let me just say to anyone claiming this: you’re literally retarded. You and these news outlets have all been… Continue reading “But–But, Muh First Amendment!” – Establishment Press Panics

The Boogeyman You Created

“If you don’t think like me, you’re just dumb.” That’s some argument you got there. “What do I tell the children?” you said. “My daughter woke up and asked who won. When I told her, with a heavy heart, that it was Donald Trump for President, she started sobbing.” “I have children in my classroom… Continue reading The Boogeyman You Created